Vision & Mission

Shree Swaminarayan M.G.K English School was established in the year 1994, keeping the concern to provide the best education for students by well qualified and experienced faculties which would be productive as well as socially beneficial.


Our Vision is 'to empower students to meet social challenges and shoulder responsibilities successfully'. Our students are to be lifelong learners and use education in promoting social, moral and spiritual values.


Our Mission is 'to create wholesome human beings capable of nurturing culture and tradition'. We are in the process of preparing students who can meet the challenges and would never be second to any student of even from metro cities. The ongoing process is supported with intelligent and talented teaching staff. And the method of teaching under the guidelines of CBSE ensures that classroom teaching is not a one way lecture rather it is more of interaction and conversation between students and the teachers. The teacher enters the classroom with prior lesson plans and with teaching aids to give the students an opportunity of learning with concerned activities and examples.

Our school located at a place called Chhaya , Porbandar. We prove it by adopting new technologies in teaching. Our technology based classroom, the first of its kind in Chhaya, supported with animations, elaborations, and dialogues with clear and perfect pronunciation, further learning on account of the theatre effect created, leading to the active involvement of students and enhancing their understanding of the subject. Our science labs designed and maintained under the guidelines of CBSE are equipped with all the basic and advanced apparatus. Chemicals, glassware and burner system are provided in chemistry lab. The students practise the various experiments under the safe and sound instructions of the teachers.

Various specimen collections in Bio lab make the ambience perfect to explore and involve deep into the subject. In Physics and Maths labs Students persist in making future engineers of our country. Along with the academics, we nourish our students with exposure to several co-curricular activities. The school has hobby clubs which recognise the hidden talents of average students and enrich the same to meet global standards. Our co-curricular activities include dance, music, yoga, sports, gymnastics, debate, dramatics and poetry.

Our plans are to develop our school to international standards providing all possible facility to our students, staff, and our associates. Shree Swaminarayan M.G.K English School, the School with the global perspective, with its very talented teaching and efficient management, is at its best in making the student into a responsible and productive citizen of our country