The Secondary Section of the School is inclusive of 9th Standard. Under this section able teachers adopt a mature approach to prepare students for Board Examination. Under this section, staff members take extra care by spending quality time with the students. Since students of these standards are passing through the adolescent phase of their life, special attention is given for the right understanding of the students. Cordial staff members get students involved in extracurricular activities which are essential for improving their group behaviour.

For shaping and developing the behaviour and conduct of the young children in the desired manner, the School organizes House wise competition for students of secondary section, in which activities like Rangoli Competition during diwali festival, X-mas tree decoration during Christmas festival, Dahi-Handi during Janmashtami celebration etc. are celebrated by the School.

To understand the importance of discipline in life, Parade, drill, PT exercises are also taught to the Students.

Maths Science Exhibition

The government organizes Maths-Science Exhibition every year for students to encourage them to utilize science in their day to day life. To develop interest in subjects like Maths Science students are made to participate in Maths-Science Exhibition with the help of projects and models.

Sports Day

To develop physical fitness, interest in sports activity and sportsman-spirit in students, the school lays adequate stress on sports and games activities. The Annual Sports day envisages a number of track and field events and the students compete in them with tremendous enthusiasm as it is an inter-House event.

Khel -Mahakumbh

Gujarat Government organizes Khel-Mahakumbh every Year wherein students display their Skills in Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Skating competition etc. In addition to the School exams, students have been participating in National Maths-Science Olympiads and winning gold, silver, and bronze medals in the last three years. The students have been participating and regularly winning the Prizes in Ramanuj Maths test and Hindi test.

Vivekananda mukh path

The Ramakrishna Mission Organizes Vivekananda recitation every year. It is being conducted in Hindi, Gujarati, and English. To encourage students to adopt the philosophy, life Style and ideals of a great philosopher like Vivekananda, the school enrols 30-35 Students for the competition. The students have been performing well and winning prizes. Recognizing the need to promote the concept of composite culture of India and develop the sense of patriotism, the school celebrates all the festivals throughout the academic year. To ensure students give respect to all the religions, festivals of different religions are celebrated with enthusiasm. In addition, drawing competition, memory test, spelling competition for primary section students and fancy dress competition and rhyme competition for small kids are also organized so as to maintain freshness, zeal and enthusiasm in their day to day life.